The DEMES statuettes in the Sports Sponsor category are intended to identify the sponsor who has carried out the project in the most interesting and best way, based on the principles of a professional sponsorship program. The success of a project, i.e. both the sponsor and the sponsored party, is determined not so much by the "size" of the sponsorship as by its quality and the effectiveness of PR activities and their long-term duration.

The Sports Sponsor category evaluates primarily the marketing aspect of sponsorship: creativity, effectiveness and quality of media message, expressed through:

  • innovative character and concept of the project
  • selection of the sponsoring entity - correlation with the image of the sponsor
  • preparation of media strategy
  • method of project implementation
  • use of new technologies
  • visualization
  • degree of fulfillment of sponsorship objectives
  • effectiveness of marketing and PR activities concerning the project
  • development of the sponsored entity
  • popularization of the discipline
  • use of the image of the sponsored entity

Zwycięzcy kategorii:

  • 2004 Telekomunikacja Polska
  • 2005 Polska Telefonia Komórkowa Centertel 
  • 2006 Kompania Piwowarska
  • 2007 Polkomtel (Plus GSM)
  • 2008 Polkomtel (Plus GSM)
  • 2009 Polkomtel (Plus GSM)
  • 2010 PKN Orlen
  • 2011 PKN Orlen
  • 2014 Totalizator Sportowy
  • 2015 Totalizator Sportowy
  • 2016 4F
  • 2017 Grupa Lotos
  • 2018 4F
  • 2019 Totalizator Sportowy

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