Does your company support major sports projects, or maybe you help clubs and athletes at a local level and use sports sponsorship to promote your brand? Are you in charge of sponsorship projects and responsible for selecting partners, delivering benefits and conducting communication activities? Or perhaps you are responsible for measuring sponsorship effectiveness or work in an agency that serves sports sponsors? Check out what sports sponsorship topics await SPORTBIZ 2022 participants!

Day I - Tuesday, 17 May

On the first day, we invite you to take part in a conference with the theme "Global trends, local challenges". As at the best festivals, participants will be able to choose from two stages - SPORTBIZ International and SPORTBIZ PL.

SPORTBIZ International
Storytelling in sponsoring -how to communicate brand values through sports? 
  • What is storytellingand how to use it while communicating?
  • Brand values and sport– how to communicate them?
  • Marketing campaigne based on a story – how to prepare it?
SPORTBIZ International
Socially responsible sponsoring.
  • CSR or PR – how to opeate responsibly in sports?
  • How a sponsor can take care of the development of sports and its own environment?
  • How to build an image of a conscious, responsible partner in sport?
SPORTBIZ International
TEDx: How to successfully measure the effectiveness of sponsorship? 
  • Is AVE an effective indicator?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of social media actions?
  • Is ROI even possible in sponsoring?
Panel discussion: Does AVE still work - how to measure sponsorship effectiveness?
  • The challenges of sponsorship in the new decade
  • Is AVE the best measure of sponsorship effectiveness?
  • How to measure return on investment - does classic ROI still make sense?
Athlete in advertising - ambassador, influencer or face of the brand?
  • How to effectively use an athlete in marketing efforts?
  • How to select partners and ambassadors?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of the cooperation with an athlete?
Modern sponsorship in sport - case study.


II day - Wednesday, 18 May

The second day of the SPORTBIZ Forum is all about practical knowledge and skills. For participants we have prepared a choice of workshops, during which you will work throughout the day on specific topics, based on interesting case studies from home and abroad. At the end of each workshop there will be a case study presentation, during which you will be able to ask about practical aspects of processing and executing sports projects in the form of a Q&A session.

Organizing sports events step by step

Do you organize major sports events? Are you responsible for the processing of the match day, or maybe you coordinate event projects on behalf of the sponsor? During the training you will learn how to develop creative concepts for sports events, how to effectively promote events and attract partners, and how to effectively work with suppliers to deliver the best sports emotions to participants.

Management of athletes' image

Are you an athletelooking for improving your marketing and communications knowledge? Or maybe you are a manager or a person responsible for creating the image of an athlete? During the training you will learn how to create an attractive and credible image, how to build a personal brand of an athlete that will be attractive to potential sponsors and will also allow you to effectively reach and engage fans.

How to aquire a sponsor for a sports organization?

Do you work in a club or sports association and are responsible for acquiring sponsors and partners, wondering how to effectively reach out to companies and decision-makers? During the training you will learn how to prepare an attractive sponsoring offer, how to conduct effective sales activities, how to encourage companies to cooperate and show them the real impact of sponsoring on their image, communication and sales activities.



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