Do you represent the Sports Department at the City or Municipal Office? Are you responsible for sports at the provincial level, working in the Marshal's Office? Or maybe as an OSiR employee you are involved in the management of sports facilities or organization of sports events for residents and work with local sports clubs? Check out the topics related to sport management at local level that we have prepared for SPORTBIZ 2022 participants!

Day I - Tuesday, 17 May

On the first day, we invite you to take part in a conference with the theme "Global trends, local challenges". As at the best festivals, participants will be able to choose from two stages - SPORTBIZ International and SPORTBIZ PL.

SPORTBIZ International
How Slovenia raises future sports champions?

  • The role of schools in the development of sport on local and national level
  • How evidence-based local and national policies can improve sport environment?
  • Physical literacy as foundation for lifelong active participation in sports exercise
SPORTBIZ International
Ramboll Stockholm Half Marathon – the story behind the award-winning sport sponsorship
  • The role of event marketing in promotion strategy
  • Cooperation with partners in the realization of large and small sports events
  • How to engage residents to do sports through sporting events?
SPORTBIZ International
Sustainable Sports Venues - how to develop and manage arenas responsibly?
  • Can sports facility be socially responsible?
  • How can sports facilities take care of their surroundings?
  • How to minimize the negative impact of the facility on the environment?

Panel discussion: Development of new sports and management of sports facilities – how to create conditions for the development and promotion of sport?

  • How has the pandemic affected the development and spread of niche sports?
  • How can the infrastructure be adapted to new disciplines?
  • Models of cooperation with sports organisations
Local government as a partner of sport - how to optimize investment in sports projects.
  • Traditional funding model for grassroots sport - challenges and threats
  • Financing of local clubs - at the crossroads of sport and promotion
  • How to support local sport, taking care of its development and professionalization?
European University Games - how to organize huge sports events?
  • From the concept to the realization - how to acquire organization of big sports events?
  • What are the benefits and risks of major sporting events?
  • How does the organisation of international sporting events affect the local economy and society?


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