SPORTBIZ Forum participants have the opportunity to purchase unique publications about sports marketing and management in sports. These are collections of expert articles, prepared by sports managers. Each chapter presents interesting findings from a wide range of scientific studies. The monograph also has the advantage of linking its considerations with the latest trends that are observed in the marketing management of sports organizations.

This publication is an ideal supplement of knowledge for representatives of enterprises and sports organizations, as well as for university students. It is they, as graduates, who will in time feed into the workforce working towards marketing management in sport.


Author: Piotr Matecki
Editorship: Bartłomiej Stolarz
Year of publication: 2021
Number of pages: 386 stron
Cover: soft
Measurements: 145x205 mm
ISBN: 978-83-929353-6-0

Status: available ✅

Table of contents

I. Marketing in sports, sports in marketing
• From image to athlete's brand — Adam Mazurkiewicz, Ludwik Mazurkiewicz
• Communicating transfers in the Tauron League on the example of the 2020/2021 season. Internet as a distribution channel for visual and audiovisual communication — Katarzyna Borkowska
• Commercial use of trademarks and the image of athletes. Case study of PZPN license program — Karol Tatar
• The potential of a cheerleading squad in PR and marketing activities of a sports club — Małgorzata Wrońska
• Tabloidization of information and its role in sports marketing — Sławomir Kowalski
• Marketing aspects of Teqball on the example of Warsaw TEQ Club — Paweł Wojtaś
• Regionalisms in marketing communication of sports clubs — Marcin Kromoliński, Edyta Migdał
• Using 5G technology in stadiums to optimise commercial operations — Karol Tatar
• Many roads to one destination — how are brands finding their place in sport? — Dariusz Wądrzyk

II. Business in sports, sports in business
• Football on the trading floor — analysis of the situation of listed football clubs during the epidemiological crisis — Adrian Pietrzyk
• Commercialisation — verification of sporting performance — Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
• Resource strategy as a solution for football clubs in Poland in times of uncertainty — literature review and case study on the example of Zagłębie Sosnowiec — Adrian Pietrzyk
• The COVID-19 pandemic and potential development opportunities for football clubs — Kamil Jezierski

III. Sport, COVID-19 and society
• Condition of grassroots sports against the determinants of professional sport in the time of global crisis — Krzysztof Jankowski
• Buyers of sports services — implications in the COVID-19 perspective — Mateusz Tomanek
• Pandemic and reading. A return to peak interest in sports books or a temporary trend? — Piotr Stokłosa
•The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the global football ecosystem (impact on clubs, games, players, broadcasters, sponsors) — Jan Chłapowski


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