The values that are promoted by sports, as well as the incredible ability of sports to stimulate emotions, make it very attractive for marketing. The marketing potential of sports is eagerly used in business - to promote products and services, as well as by sports organizations themselves - unions, clubs and associations.

DEMES Statuettes in the Marketing Campaign category are awarded to a selected club, organization, company or marketing agency that has carried out particularly outstanding promotional activities which have made innovative and creative use of the opportunities offered by the use of sports in promotion.

When evaluating candidates, the following aspects are taken into account:

  • campaign reach
  • popularity
  • innovativeness and originality
  • campaign effectiveness
  • campaign interactivity
  • use of modern technologies
  • multi-channel campaign

Zwycięzcy kategorii:

  • 2015 T-Mobile – Pomoc Mierzona Kilometrami
  • 2016 Żabka – Mały Wielki Sponsor
  • 2017 Grupa Lotos – NAJ nie bierze się znikąd
  • 2018 Grupa Lotos – Razem Tworzymy NAJ
  • 2019 Polski Komitet Olimpijski – Wiele dróg, jeden cel

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